Monday, October 1, 2012

I Travel

I travel to see how others live. I travel to see different geography.  I travel to see beautiful things.  And during these travels I find inspiration - and sometimes fabrics - for things I want to quilt. I have several folders on my computer for quilt inspiration. There was once a poster we bought years ago of the doorways of Dublin. And in Norway we found a lovely similar poster. Doesn't it have a beautiful quilty look? I like the idea of a quilt of various openings. My niece Jen took a fabulous photo through a battlement in the Great Wall outside of Beijing. Think it might be time to resurrect that photo, if I can only figure out which of the inspirational folders I've put it in.

Doorways of Alesund, Norway

Cliffs of Vestmanna, Faroe Islands

We spent one glorious day on the Shetland Islands and the following day at the Faroe Islands.  After a beautiful bus trip across we took a small boat to see the cliffs of Vestmanna, which is crazy with birds and scenic wonders.  We actually sailed through this opening.  Those on the outside of the boat had to wear helmuts as protection from the constant "drippings." 

Our time in and around Reykjavik was the most interesting because of the volcanic landscape and the gentle colors.In the volcanic soil are openings - crevices, streams, plants.  It looks forebeoding but beautiful.

Bright shiny fabric from Greenock, Scotland

As most of our fellow travelers went to Glasgow or to the Scottish countryside for an excursion, John and I stayed in the port town of Greenock and explored.  I made the above purchase in a lovely fabric store where the clerk admitted she didn't quilt and so of course I told her quilting was rocket science.  It's difficult sometimes to buy quilting fabrics in other countries because the US is the mecca of all things quilting.  However, Makower is the UK arm of Andover.  I found this bright shiny stuff,  which apparently I'm attracted to and had to buy!

I'm happy to be home and think about where I've been and what I want to create.  It was a lovely trip, and I'm a lucky girl. 

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Carol G said...

Great fabric your found and lovely scenery!