Friday, October 5, 2012

Squirrel vs Birthday Man

 John loves birds.  And he feeds them constantly.  Those little sparrows are really little pigs.  But John's bigger program is that the local squirrels love the bird seed.  He has moved the feeder and bought "squirrel proof" feeders.  But to no avail.

Today from the kitchen window John saw one of the squirrels hanging upside down and just munching his ass off.
 John grabbed his favorite big stick (not the same one Teddy R had).  Of course as John neared the feeder the squirrel jumped to the ground. 

But this little squirrel doesn't scare that easily.  Once on the ground he kind of glared at John.  So John chased him out of the yard. 

And here's John victorious.  Quite the present considering today is his 73rd birthday!

(Shortly after I left the house and the squirrel was back on the bird feeder.  But don't tell John)

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