Monday, May 27, 2013

Farewell to two dear quilts

I made this quilt as I was moving into my new studio in 2007, and it's hung here ever since.  It's Jinny Beyer's Around the World design.  I bought three kits and made three quilts - one for the long-arm quilter in Tinley Park in exchange for quilting the one of my bdd, and this one, which I quilted.  Last week we had the furnace/AC man in, and he saw this quilt and fell in love.  He made me an offer, and I immediately took it down.  Part of the deal involves him getting two 4' x 8' sheets of homasote here, so I can have the design wall I've been wanting.  As much as I have loved this quilt and the work I did on it, I'm happy it's going into a new home. 

  Furnace guy Brian is a Western Springs firefighter and is part of a fundraiser for another firefighter who is battling ALS. For their silent auction I am donating this gently-used log cabin quilt that I made years ago for my parents. When they downsized it came back to me. This 74" x 96" Log Cabin beauty needs to be used, and I'm glad it will be a part of this cause.

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raebethriv said...

Two great reasons for two great quilts! Spread the beauty & comfort!