Tuesday, May 28, 2013

This week's "work" - and lessons learned

Fabrics for a "Winter Challenge"

Before starting a project I, like so many others, audition fabrics. This current pile is for the "Winter" challenge. My Chicago Modern Quilt Guild is doing a calendar fundraiser and participating members have been assigned a season. I sort of have an idea of what I want to do but am giving myself the final days of May before actually cutting into any of these fabrics.

Mom's Quilt from her daughters' baby clothes
After having lunch with a friend's daughter last week and getting the baby clothes of my friend's granddaughters, I spent part of the weekend deconstructing these clothes. Michele wants a quilt made from the clothes her little girls wore. I'm not sure this quilt will win any design awards, but it will definitely hold a strong emotional appeal. I would like to tell Michele what I am going to do with these clothes, but I'm still not sure. Perhaps 8" and 4" blocks. I thought about setting them on point, but this quilt will not need any drama.

Tote Bag, in proportion
Out of Proportion

Out of a charm pack of Hoffman Batiks, I put together a tote bag, doing the handles the right way and creating great interior pockets. When I was a QuiltCon in Texas in February I bought some special shot cottons. They are beautiful and cost a bit more than I normally pay for for fabrics. But these cottons almost glow. I also bought a new bag pattern, one that uses grommets. But as I began to think about this new pattern and the shot cottons, I got the heebie jeebies and reverted back to my comfort zone of a familiar tote. But in my attempt to get the most of these expensive cottons, I forgot to pay attention to proportion. And what I created out of these shot cottons is the loveliest bag ever - for a giant. The lesson? Pay attention and measure measure measure. The end.
Tote Bag, for a giant

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Debbie said...

Love your fabric choices for "winter"! and I totally understand what you mean about those special fabrics!