Monday, August 19, 2013

A Baby Quilt for ..... A House!

My sister's 5 month old grandson is leaving Manhattan for the first time and coming, along with his parents, to visit Paula and her husband Dennis, now and forever more to be known as Mimi and Poppi. Sure, I made a baby quilt for young Henry and even delivered it on a day trip to NYC. But this quilt is for my sister's house, for Henry when he visits and for any future sibs or cousins he might have. Paula - er, I mean Mimi - chose these colors. I chose the design. It's Jacquie Gering's Outside In, and one that I enjoy making and quilting. It's a napping quilt size - 48" x 60". Mimi's quilt was quilted in quarters, and then the four quarters were joined using the reversible quilting technique that Sharon Pederson developed and wrote about. There's a little label on the back of the quilt: For Mimi and Poppi, August 2013, Donna. In August 1971 my sister and her husband were married. YIKES! That's 42 years ago! Happy Anniversary!

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