Friday, August 2, 2013

Creating Trip Around the World Kits

Between Aeroplane Bags and Trips Around the World, it seems I have traveling on my mind when actually we have nothing but a little road trip to Kansas City in September planned.  However, the Chicago Modern Quilt Guild's Fall 2013 Sew-to-Serve-Chicago charity focus is Teen Living, an organization that helps foster teens transition to independent living. What a great reason to go through my stash and revisit one of my favorite and first quilting patterns.  So far I have three kits put together.  And looking at what's on the studio floor and still on the stash shelves, I think there are at least three more kits to put together.
Eileen has volunteered to do this kit of turquoises and browns. Are you noticing that none of these kits so far is very girly? What can I say? Stay tuned for more kits... (final word: Hooray for new rotary cutter blades and my Oliso iron!)

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