Thursday, August 21, 2014

Perils and Joys of Baby Quilts

Baby Quilts are fun for several reasons.  Their size is perfect, and I can easily do my own quilting.  And the whole design and color process allows me to be creative.  However, because of their size, I use straight pins for basting.  Each one of my baby quilts has several bits of blood - that's just the way I roll.  Since I wash the quilt after quilting, it doesn't affect the quilt - just my arms and legs.  As I have told my grandsons, quilting is a sport, complete with injuries.  On a rainy day like today, baby quilts tease thought - especially about the passage of time.  How can my oldest grandson be a sophomore in college?  How can my NYC niece be having her second baby (oh boy oh boy another baby quilt!!!)?  Working on baby quilts is joyful.  Two of my friends are about to be grandmothers.  One is expecting her 5th and 6th grandchildren in September.  One is becoming a first-time grandmother in October.  Their joy makes me relive those wonderful days when John's kids were having their babies.  It's a sweet time of life.  Working on baby quilts keeps life in perspective, especially after my dad's death and my mom's steady decline.  Might be time to watch Lion King and sing along with all those wonderful songs.

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Donna Butterweck said...

I also use straight pins but have found a way to protect my hands and arms. After seeing the foam protectors that Leah Day sells, I was inspired to find a cheaper alternative (sorry Leah). I got foam can coolies at the $ store. Pop out the bottom, slit open,lay flat and cut into half inch strips,sub cut into cubes. Stick them on the ends of the pins. no more getting stuck!