Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Special People

I have so many quality people in my life. One of them is Sue Ryan, the first treasurer of the Chicago Modern Quilt Guild. Her current employer is my former employer - The Chicago Public Schools. Sue is a kindergarten teacher who has a wonderful sense of whimsy and color and a love affair with fish. Here is her back-to-school present - a shark pencil case. And here's the link to the tutorial from Patchwork Posse. Notice my shark's top fin is backwards - chalk it up to dyslexia. Sue will understand.
Another person is my husband's sister Terry who is 79 this month. Here is an Arabesque bag for her - a free download from Sara Lawson of Sew Sweetness. Sara is hosting her Purse Palooza 2014 in October, and I'm excited about being a guest blogger for this event. I'll be blogging about the Runaround Bag on October 15. Sometimes I get so excited about something I've made that I forget to photo and document it. Last night we had John's cousin Marian for dinner. It was her 80th birthday. Using a pair of John's old jeans, I made her a shopping bag, which she loved. Three special people who deserve special gifts!

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