Friday, December 26, 2014

In the Bleak Midwinter...

Do you know this hymn? It's a Christina Rossetti Poem - lovely, simple, and not at all sad.  My mom died earlier this week from pneumonia after over four years of dementia/Alzheimer's.  She went through a lengthy period of asking for and wondering about her mother.  Once, over two years ago, my mom, dad, and I were walking down stairs and heading to an appointment.  Mom asked where Dad was, and I said, "He's right behind us."  She replied, "Not your father.  Where is my father?"   Sister-in-law Kim was brilliant with her responses to these questions - she would say that Mom's mom was with her sisters.  And that seemed to satisfy my mom. 

So in this bleak midwinter (Mom died on the 22nd and was 86 and a half on December 21st), I rejoice that my mom is at peace and with my dad and the rest of her family.  I have been writing my mother's obituary and celebrating her life and altruistic spirit.  I will use these next few days to work on the business end of things as my brothers and sister work on the memorial service in January.  I will soothe my soul with my hand quilting and then begin the quilt for the next great niece who will be born in mid-January.  And I am at peace. 


Zanymouse said...

Dearest Donna, I am so sorry for your loss. Just last week I was using the sewing kit you so graciously sent me, and was thinking of you. I, too, am struggling with an ill mother who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's, among other things. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. XXOO,


Donna said...

As mine are with you, Z. If you haven't read Still Alice, do so. It's the book that helped me understand what was happening in my mom's head. And of course I worry about how far the apple falls from the tree. The little zip purse above? It!s the second one I have made for a buddy, totally forgetting about the first one I made her!