Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Me.  The studio.  Projects.  The studio carpet was cleaned while we were gone, which meant packing everything away.  So I am still finding where I put things, like my walking foot (found it - phew...).  The elliptical Drunkard's Path is off the design wall and pin-basted.  While I wasn't quite ready to do this, I wanted the leftover wool batting to use in Infinity Scarves. (While I do love the feel of the wool inside cottons, I must remember that I tend to run hot and should be making these without any batting at all.)  Thanks to Charity S for putting these scarves on my radar and for the tutorial from Pink Castle! 
Fabrics and the germ of an idea for niece Jen's baby girl quilt
While on the cruise I did finish appliqueing the circle for my Yoshiko Jinzenji panel. But now I need to figure out how I want to combine these two elements. A few days on the design wall might help.
An Iron Cozy

People who don't travel and sew won't understand how difficult it is to carry a hot iron. Seriously. So using some old batik fabrics, leftover binding bits, and some thermal batting, I made one using this tutorial. It may not be attractive, but it gets the job done!

 My mom has pneumonia. My sibs and I are wondering how serious this is. An odd time for all of us. Scattered...


debbi d-w said...

Love that drunkard's path, Donna!

Jen said...

Love baby girl's fabric selections!! Can't wait to see the finished masterpiece;)