Thursday, January 29, 2015

An Arabesque Sort of Week

I have been in the mood to work on a purse, an Arabesque by Sara Lawson at Sew Sweetness.  The one Arabesque that I have loved and (gently) used I would up selling to someone for a Christmas gift.  It was a twin of the grey tiled bag above.  My neighbor Miguel is visiting family in Uruguay next month and asked for a bag for his mother.  Then, he realized his sister would probably take that bag from his mom so he decided to get one for his sister.  But he has another sister, too.  So he wants three of these bags.  This week was the prepping - cutting the linings, assembling the interior pockets, adding an exterior pocket to this wonderful pattern (which is a free download), quilting the body onto Soft and Stable, a foam interfacing, making the straps.  Two are complete, and the other three are almost there.  A most satisfying week of sewing.  Now Miguel can choose which three bags he wants.  Although if he does choose the black/grey tile, I am charging more for that one!

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