Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Victorian Shadowbox for the Aged P's

When I was a novice quilter, back in the late 80's, I depended on television to learn.  Eleanor Burns's TV show was excellent for this, and to this day I recommend Quilt In A Day books and patterns to beginners.  She did a Roman Stripe quilt, and I decided to make it.  I am not sure what drove the color choices, but my mom really liked this when it was almost finished.  Except she and my father had just bought a long bed.  So I had to figure how to add borders to a finished quilt.  The other television show I watched was Simply Quilts with Alex Anderson. On one of her shows she demonstrated seminole piecing, which appears in both the upper and lower borders. 
My sister-in-law Kim returned this quilt to me after my mom died.  My sister Paula chimed in and said she would like it - she has a pinkish guest bedroom and is trying to minimize the pink.  But I couldn't let her take the quilt just yet.  I made this quilt in 1991, waaaaay before I knew how to do a lot of things properly.  Most of the quilt is in good shape (except for the early primitive straight-line channel quilting).  But not the borders.  They are badly frayed because I didn't understand the importance of double-fold binding. 
So I will cut off the old binding and replace it and then give the quilt to Paula.  In Dickens' Great Expectations there is a minor character John Wemmick who has an aged and dotty father whom he called Aged P.  Mr. Wemmick tells Pip, "Nod away at him, Mr. Pip, he likes that."  Sometimes I would refer to my parents as the Aged P's - and not behind their backs either.  My mom refused to wash this quilt for fear it would lose its beauty.  So sometimes I would sneak in, get the quilt, wash and dry it, and get it back before she noticed.  The title for this quilt is apt, and I am pleased that Paula wants it and will use it. 

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A Left-Handed Quilter said...

I'm so glad that your sister wants this quilt - it's wonderful - and the title is perfect - ;))