Tuesday, June 2, 2015

A Happy Girl

 This is Colette.  She just graduated from Lyons Township, and she is happy.  While she is happy for many reasons, in these pictures she is happy because of a quilt her mom gave to her.  For a couple of years Colette's mom has been playing dumb whenever Colette would ask about  certain t-shirts.  "Gee, I don't know what happened to it..." 

While I know my quilting is important, to get an email and these pictures from Colette's mom on the same day as the graduation party was a neat treat.  Janice said her daughter kept saying repeatedly how much she loves this quilt.  Part of the charm of this quilt is that these meaningful t-shirts have all been used and are nicely soft.  The other part of its charm is the batting and long-arm quilting done by Terri and Frank Karls.  This quilt is soft and a perfect weight.  It also helped that the temperatures were in the 40's when Colette received her quilt. 


Mary Colter said...

Great job! Loving seeing the recipient looking so happy!

Donna said...

One of the nicest t-shirt quilts I have seen, great job and great smiles!