Friday, June 12, 2015

Lesson Learned ... Again

After being in the hospital for three days, I came home to this lovely reorder of an Art Gallery fabric in the Hello, Bear line by designer Bonnie Christine.  This fabric is my new crush, and I cannot cut into it unless I know I have more coming. 
But that's not the lesson.  (Note:  stop reading if you don't want the details...)  Last Tuesday I had an upper GI scope to see what's up with a recurring issue with my esophagus.  I came home that same morning, but later in the day my throat began to rage.  We called the doctor; he sent us to the ER and called the ER to explain what I needed.  A CT scan was performed, I think to make sure that there wasn't any damage done during the dilation.  The ER doc gave me the good news - my throat was fine.  But the bad news - pulmonary embolisms in both lungs.  And so I was admitted to LaGrange that evening (and I was just thinking I would go to the ER and get some good pain drugs).  A venous Doplar that same evening revealed blood clots in my legs.  My fabulous doctor Prachi Patel came to the ER and has helped navigate my way with the GI and pulmonologist.   IV Heparin to thin my blood, Lovanox injections for the next two weeks, and an oral regimin of Warfarin.  And I am home and able to resume my normal activities (and when I am doing a lot of sitting, I must put on compression stockings - lovely white open-toed thigh-high stockings).  I'll see Dr. Patel Monday morning. 

So, the lesson?  I had to ask John to go into my closet and get some pj's and t-shirts and various toiletries.  He found what I needed, but I could see the judgment in his eyes about what a mess I function in.  Last New Year's I was going to spent 10 minutes a day in my closet.  That lasted three days.  And so now I am horrified by how I have been ignoring something I tried to help my mom with the last 15 years of her life:  if you bring something in the house, then something else has to leave. 

In the past two hours I've been on a tear and will continue over the next few days to be ruthless.  I either wear it or it goes out.  I'm feeling lighter already...  Below are two Hazel Hipsters I finished last Monday and a new t-shirt quilt in the making.  Back to my closet!

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Jennifer Lowe said...

When we moved last winter, we got rid of an embarrassing amount of stuff. But it was really one of the most liberating things I've done. I have noticed lately that "stuff" is starting to creep in again. I think action must be taken before we end up like we were last winter. (We had to start dropping off our donations at different thrift stores because it was so much.)