Sunday, August 30, 2015

Bit by Bit, Putting It Together...

Sondheim, right?  When stuck for words, I go to Sondheim.  This particular song is from "Sunday in the Park with George" and refers to mounting an artist's exhibition.  In my case, the "bit by bit" is getting my life under control after a 13-day hospitalization involving a brutal but successful cardiovac (google only if you have a strong constitution) to get rid of systemic blood clots.  One bit is gaining stamina.  Today I am doing some driveway walking and marching.  Tomorrow I will do more than today, and  I may even drive!  

A second bit is what's on the design wall.  My Chicago Modern Quilt Guild is doing  a swap of mini quilts with the Ann Arbor Modern Quilt GuildThe Chicago minis were collected at the August meeting and sent to the Ann Arbor girls.    I want to get this mini-quilt finished in time for their September meeting.  All parts are ready for assembly.  I'm calling this "Woven Glass" because all the fabrics are by designer Alison Glass.  And tomorrow I will start to actually sew and begin quilting it.

The third bit is just regaining some normalcy despite a glut of tests and doctor appointments all through September.  I've been home from the hospital for three days and am just delighting in being in my house with John without an IV and without 8-hour blood draws.  Blood thinning medication is an absolute necessity, and I will keep it monitored closely.  Meanwhile John is still recuperating from his second vitrectomy on his left eye. 

Daily I will find joy, and daily I will do something purposeful.  And I am smiling.  A lot.  I'm a lucky girl with fabulous support from family, friends, and a great team of doctors. 
Out of all the patients at LaGrange and Hinsdale Hospitals, I know that I had the prettiest quilted bags.

This quilt was delivered in early August.  Mom Joan Walsh commissioned this for her daughter Caroline, a recent graduate of Lyons Township, and gave it to her for her late August birthday.  


Jennifer Lowe said...

Donna, I am so happy you are home and on the mend. Your swap quilt is beautiful and worth any wait. If you are blogging, you must be feeling better!

path said...

I have thought of you so often, Donna ! I am so glad you're home! Your outlook on life is simply amazing. You are an inspiration to those who know you ! Keep up the good work and maybe I'll walk today in your honor !! Tell John hey too and to also keep progressing!
love, pat

Z Any Mouse said...

Best of luck in your recovery. You must be so glad to be home and surrounded with all your quilty loveliness.