Saturday, September 12, 2015

Getting My Head Out Of My Medical Butt

Regaining my sewing mojo?  Easier said than done.  So I revert to an old favorite - Mors Bags.  They are pretty simple to do.  They are great at stash busting.  They provide a great sense of accomplishment.  And now I have a lot of bags all ready to give away.  To be able to focus on someone other than myself is important to me at this point.  I am going to start with the Surgical Team of the Interventional Radiologists - what a fabulous group.  Without being overly dramatic, they saved my life. 

You can see that I am trying to rid my stash of all these batiks, some of which are over 10 years old.  There's a pile in the bottom left that are all part of a demo I am doing at my Chicago Modern Quilt Guild next week.  I still have several more I want to do, especially of bags that are a bit more manly.  (I have run into my knee surgeon a couple of times at the grocery store, sporting one of the Mors bags I gave him).  Since batiks are so tightly woven, I don't line them.  The next batch will all be ones that must be lined.  But whether the bags are lined or unlined, the technique is the same.  The very bottom bag is one that I made months ago, and we truly use it on an almost daily basis. 

Reduce (my fabric stash), reuse (these cloth bags and wash them when necessary) , recycle (by saying no to plastic bags). 

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Jennifer Lowe said...

I can't even tell you how many tote bags and reusable bags we have and then I don't use them because I let myself get intimidated by the clerks. Your bags are beautiful! I am sure that the medical team is going to really appreciate them!