Thursday, December 17, 2015

A Wonderful Christmas Present

My involvement with the Chicago Modern Quilt Guild has created some wonderful and deep friendships.  One of my newer friends, Mary R, knits ( a real Renaissance woman who knits, quilts, sews, cooks, has multiple degrees).  And she gave me a beautiful pair of socks, complete with washing instructions.  Am I worthy of handmade socks?  All I know is that I am very pleased, and these socks rank among the very nicest of presents I have ever received!

After yesterday's blog post, I received two emails from the Modern Quilt Guild.  Neither of my quilts was accepted into QuiltCon 2016.  A part of me is disappointed, but the better part of me is relieved that I don't have to scramble to get tickets to Pasadena, CA, where the conference is and that I don't have to sew sleeves on these quilts! 

Also pictured above is a little kit from guildster Robbi who seems determined to get me into hexies and a hexie packet from guildster Holly, who shares this determination.  I may be the last of my quilty group to get into hexies, but I am learning to never say never.  I shall - at some point - give it a go!


Heather K said...

I am sorry to hear about your quilts not getting into quiltcon! They are beautifuL!!

Mary said...

Yes, Donna you are worthy of handmade socks. You are a treasure and I'm glad to know you! It is even getting cold enough to wear them now. :) Hand knit socks provide me a respite from the winter and I hope you too. It is disappointing your quilts didn't make it into QuiltCon. They are beautiful nonetheless!

Debbie B said...

Have a wonderful holiday! Hexies can be fun!