Monday, December 7, 2015

The Chicago MQG Holiday Gift Swap

The Chicago Modern Quilt Guild holiday gift-swap party was yesterday, and I didn't go. My cold and germs just did not need to be a part of the holiday spirit. Using a set of Japanese fabrics I received last month at the meeting, I sent  five bags for the Greater Chicago Food Depository.  Thanks to current CMQG president Sarah Evans for collecting these bags and delivering them! Guildster Mary R received a special gift.  A few weeks ago she "gifted" me with a set of fabrics and a pattern for a tote which she knew she would never do.  So I did it for her, sort of.  In keeping with my style, I didn't follow the directions that came with the set of fabrics.  But she was pleased.

For my gift swap I of course made a Mors bag, not bothering the follow my own directions.  But the sparkly holiday fabrics outshine any issue in workmanship.

And speaking of workmanship, I had a team of handymen come to the house.  The picture below shows the new stabilizing trim they added to the bannister coming up to the studio, the hanging of Wintersection, and the hanging of the swap quilt from the Ann Arbor/Chicago MQGs exchange.  I love this quilt for its simplicity and its appeal to help and aid.  The men also secured my design wall to the wall!

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