Thursday, June 16, 2016

Father's Day

Maybe I should have just titled this "T-Shirt Quilts Make Me Cry."  This quilt is Jeff's Father's Day present - he's a Chicago policeman married to Sheila, a teaching colleague of mine.  Sheila's mom, who was my age, died 12 years ago, and Sheila gave me her mom's shirts.  Here's a picture of this first "life celebration" t-shirt quilt I did.  We made baby quilts from the leftover and from pj botttoms - all three of Sheila's kids and her nieces have used this quilt (see below).  To watch someone go through such grief with death and such happiness with marriage and children is a privilege.  Some of Jeff's t-shirts are from the "Brotherhood of the Fallen" and remembering and honoring his colleagues.  I'm happy that Sheila has entrusted me with such valuable work.

I may have to make my dad a chocolate cake for Father's Day - he loved them so. 


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