Monday, August 15, 2016

From Purses Back to Quilts

My Summer Goal of making 24 SewPowerful Purses?  Done!  Each purse needs to contain a note to a young girl - words of comfort, exhortation, wisdom, encouragement.  These notes are almost harder than the purse construction!  Then I'll ship these purses to the US collection point in Washington.  (There are also collection points in the UK and in Australia/New Zealand).   Last January when I sent in 9 purses, I recoiled at the suggested $5 per purse to help cover the cost of shipping to Zambia.  But now that I know how the program works and how important it is, I am happily sending $120.  A couple of readers have asked about helping with this cost (and of course these women are the kind who already have spread themselves thin in the world of volunteerism an charitible giving).  If my work towards this effort has inspired you, please just go to and work through their website.

Meanwhile, I am eager to get back to my medallion quilt, a sew-a-long project with my Chicago Modern Quilt Guild. I have the next set of directions ready to go, and my boxes of scraps (which are growing geometrically) are more than ripe for picking.  I know I will be doing more SewPowerful purses for the February 2017 deadline, but I am also wanting to get back to a project with the shot cottons I've been hoarding.  And the Marcia Derse fabrics.  And the growing pile of fabulous greys and backs.  And the - you get the idea.

Last, young friend Cristina is here working on a quilt. It's always fun to be able to share the studio, and it's always so interesting to work with someone who's style of creating is different from mine.I may belong to a modern quilt guild, but Cristina is a modern quilter.  To be fair to me, she does have a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Iowa as well as her graphic design certificate.  But we have had a profound effect on one another.  With her permission, I'll post more of her quilt as she progresses.

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