Friday, August 19, 2016

Old Dogs, New Tricks: Flying Geese, No-Waste Method

I have been making Flying Geese a long time.  They are not my favorite blocks, but I know how to execute a neat one.  My complaint has always been about the amount of waste.  And now?  NEW TRICK!  My Chicago Modern Quilt Guild is doing a Medallion Quilt-Along, using - with permission of the course - the guidelines of the Seattle Modern Quilt Guild.  And this guild has posted a link to a no-waste method of making flying geese.  So clever!  So efficient!  And - wait, wait - it gets even beter, this last link also does the math so that you can vary the size of the geese you need.

This 5.25 red square and four grey 2.875" squares created four flying geese that are 2.5" by 4.5".  So clever.

You're welcome.

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