Monday, January 9, 2017

Peaceful January Monday

I spent the weekend sewing and accomplished all that I intended.  That alone is a great feeling!  After kitting six SewPowerful purses, these went together pretty nicely.  The rainbow fabric is left over from one of the charity quilts my guild did for the Orlando Pulse project.  And I love how it works in these purses!  These six will join the 7 completed in December.  There were over 3000 purses sent in for the fall deadline!

Our December guild "basket" swap didn't happen because of weather. I just made the one larger basket.  But with the extra time, I was able to complete two more of these little tray-like nesting boxes.

I like this little tray so much that I made myself one from a Janet Clare "Flight" charm pack.  

I'm very eager to work with this new line of Zen Chic's "Luster" line.  Jelly roll, charm packet,  mini-charms, and the perfect background.  But before I touch these, here's what I'm starting on today:
My nephew Chris married last spring.  Over Thanksgiving I had a chance to get to know his wife Andi.  With help from a shared Pinterest board and my trusty Kona card, Andi and I designed their wedding quilt.  I have all the fabrics, and today's the day.  It's great fun to clear the design wall and begin this work of love. 

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Jocelyn Thurston said...

I must be living under a rock because I did not hear about this important musician and his important message to the masses. I am familiar with Hamilton, Donna so hopefully will get to hear his ballad. You've been the stitching queen with lots to show for your efforts...all very cute. How nice to link up to choose the colours for a wedding quilt. How sensible to work it in what the bride will love!