Saturday, December 31, 2016


Do you know how important Chance the Rapper is? In November he gave a concert at Grand Park (and he is HOT right now) that ended with a parade to the election polls. Last winter he led a charity effort to get winter coats to those in Chicago in need. Here's a link to some backbround bio about him.  And his music?  So good to listen to.  He's a clever and articulate rapper/musician.  Chance has the final cut on the Hamilton mixtape, and it makes me weep.  His fusion of rap and gospel is fabulous.

I can't bear to read one more article about the presidential outcome and what happened.  Here's what I do know.  Our civic responsibility is to work as hard as we can and get out the vote in the 2018 and especially 2020 elections.  My voice can't do that.  But Chance the Rapper can.  We need to support and lift up Chance and those like him who can lead our young people to the polls.

This picture was from yesterday's Chicago Tribune as one of the 10 best pictures of the year.  And what he said?  "I'm here to make sure you all stay woke and vote." 

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