Saturday, March 4, 2017

A Hand-Quilted Finish

 Usually I am happy to finish a quilt and see its completion.  This Glam Clam quilt?  I'm sorry it's done.  I began hand-piecing the clams in August after my guild hosted a workshop by Latifah Saafir
and her Glam Clam technique.  As guildsters started posting pictures of their progress, I knew this design was one I wanted to do.  My hand-piecing was just for evenings when I was on the first floor of my house and not in the studio.  By December the quilt top was together.  I ordered a wool batting and a fabric for the back.  After basting I started my quilting using No 8 Perle cotton and matching thread color to the clams.  This quilt has been - along with John - my constant evening companion, and my hands are sorry to let go of it.  This is my 4th hand-quilted finished.  Time to find a new hand project.
These fabrics are all peppered shot cottons. 

The back shows not only the different quilting threads but also the unquilted parts - the puffy parts.

There's a wonderful texture happening on the back.

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Jenny said...

That's beautiful - no wonder you are sorry to come to the end.