Thursday, February 23, 2017

One Finish, Three WIP's, and Two WIP's-in-Waiting

 My nephew Chris married Andi last spring. Andi and I shared a Pinterest board, and this collaborative quilt is their wedding quilt.  It's 70" x 86".  I love the low-volume look and - not to sound like a broken record - it has a terrifically soft feel.  Andi likes sparkle, and the backing of this quilt is all about the sparkle, in the softest and 100% cotton way.  This couple lives in Orlando, so I batted this with wool.  It's lightweight and perfect for their climate. This quilt is currently in the mail.  Quilting for such a happy reason is a joy - it's great fun to think about their future! Chris is the oldest of my nieces/nephews and has always had a special place in my heart.
My new dining room quilt - almost ready to be basted!

A twin bed quilt - same design as the dining room quilt.

A Hazel Hipster for one of my favorite people

A jelly roll and leftover of shot cottons - something for above the new entertainment center perhaps

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