Monday, July 31, 2017

A Second Tribute to Things 8.5" x 11"

And of course by things I mean paper.  My life as a student and as a teacher, a total of 51 years, was controlled by notebook paper.  I always found the margins and the lines comforting.  I liked that there wasn't a strict right-hand margin - one must have a wee bit of freedom, eh? So when Heather Givens released her line of Paper Obsessed fabrics, I bought several fabrics and immediately thought of using them as 8.5" x 11" blocks.  The quilt in my dining room is my first fabric ode to notebook paper.  I even quilted in the red margin lines and the top turquoise line that is 1.25" down from the top of the paper.  And then I handquilted in the 3-ring punch lines.  Clever, eh?  So this quilt is made up of extras from that project.  I made all six rows and then put it away in March.  And guess what I just found!

A close-up of one of the blocks featuring the simple quilting.

Another block featuring one of the very clever fabrics.

This quilt is a napping size, 60" x 80", and perfect for an air-conditioned hot Michigan summer day, one of those cool spring or fall evenings or a wonderfully cold winter day.  The backing is an Art Gallery fabric, which means it's cotton and shiny and soft.  This glimpse of the back of the quilt shows the margin quilting.  Paula told me 2-year old Eloise just last week tinkled on the  house baby quilt I made when 4-year old Henry was born.  Well, here's another house quilt ready for whatever body fluids the kids come up with.  And the beauty of quilts?  They are meant to be washed - and even get prettier and softer with each washing.  Paula and Den are fabulous grandparents, and they are fabulous siblings.  So many times in the past two years they have given me their professional medical guidance.  Surely that's worth a quilt.  Or two. 

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