Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Do you have any quilting needs?

This is the question I have often asked my two grandsons, and they always answer with a sly smile and a no.  Last weekend granddaughter Natalie, a senior at Crystal Lake Central HS, said she needed a quilt and would I be willing to make her one.  Would I?
WOULD I?  OMG, this is what I live for!  Nat showed me her newly-painted bedroom.  We talked about design, and she wants something low volume.  So I went home, searched through some on my on-line stores, and ordered what you see on the left.  This background?  I love.  But I don't know if Natalie will. The background is faded bits of maps and texts.

But now to complicate things, look what I found in my stash - darker shades of the colors in Nat's bedroom and a different background.  I'm not quilt sure how to describe it except it's neutral and low volume.  I would prefer to not work with a solid light background, and I need to see if Nat is ok with this.

So here are all the possibilities for this quilt.  Natalie, which background do you prefer?  And do you want just the fabrics I initially ordered - the ones that closest match your bedroom?  Or may I just some of the darker shades - in a minimal fashion - in the quilt?  This quilt is all about you! So get back to me on these two issues, and then I can get started.  And you can stop reading now because what follows is just some studio babblings.  I just finished two big quilts - Cristina's and Julie's (which is so big I took it to Terri and Frank for longarming).  And the studio is out of control.  So yesterday I looked at piles, some various UFO's, and am in the middle of a clean- up.

For instance, I found this nappping quilt.  I had done all the rows but they weren't sewn together.  So I sewed them.  This will be 60"ish by 80"ish.  I'm deciding whether to use the paper airplane fabric or the notebook paper fabric for an outer border. Look at  Paper Obsessed, a line of fabrics that I love.  The blocks on this quilt are all 8.5" by 11".  And each block has something to do with notebooks or writing or computer or text.  Because this quilt is smallish, I am going to quilt it and gift it to my sister - it will be perfect for her grandchildren.
The pile on the card table

The piles on the cutting table.  I gave away a Tudor Bag that I love, so I am going to make another.

 July was going to be my month to sew for Sew Powerful and make "period purses" for young ladies in Zambia.  But shingles threw my rhythm off.  I will do some purses but perhaps not until late August or September.  Guildster Danni was cleaning out her stash and wanted to get rid of cotton webbing, which I think is perfect for these purses.  But now - where to store this?  Meanwhile, I'm happy to be sewing and feeling good.  As my friend Bill Stearman often says, "Life is good." 
My scraps have scraps.

And here's that lovely pile of fabrics that Mimi gave me in April.

Yes, another pile.

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Mary Maloney said...

Hi Donna, I saw you web address on Nextdoor. I live in LaGrange as well AND I'm a working CPS English teacher. I can't wait to be you! Mary Maloney