Thursday, August 17, 2017

An Evolving Quilt

There is still another round of a darker grey and a darker lilac to add before making any further decisions.  I love that Natalie trusts me to do what I want.  But sometimes it takes a while to decide what direction I want to take a quilt in.  And while I'm thinking, maybe I could turn one of the following piles into a tote bag.

Aren't some of the above terrific combinations?And I know the tote pattern I want to use - Sara Lawson's Tudor Bag.  While I was thinking last week, I made these little zip pouches.  Each one has tight little pockets on one side, perfect for a license or a credit card.

Originally for Natalie's quilt, I envisioned a quadrant being just plain fabric.  While I think that might have worked, I like the direction what's on the design wall is taking...  Just needs more time to percolate.

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