Monday, August 7, 2017

The Sew Powerful Initiative

How I have grown in my understanding and support of the Sew Powerful Initiative.  And Sew Powerful is expanding its efforts, too.  "Teach a person to fish" is the philosophy behind Sew Powerful.  There is a farming initiative, there is a sewing cooperative for school uniforms and menstrual pads, there is menstrual hygiene eduation, and soon there will be a soap cooperative.  In the latest visit to Zambia by Jason and Cinnamon Miles, Sew Powerful's founders, they discovered that the soap supplied in the purses along with the reusable pads was just enough for one month.  And through serendipity - or more more probable the hand of God - there is the beginning of a soap initiative that will provide work as well as soap.

The first time I sent purses - there were 11 in early 2016 - I remember ratch-a-fratching about the requested $5 per purse to cover shipping costs from Washington State to Zambia.  And of course that didn't include what I paid for shipping from Chicago to Washington.  But then, as I read more about the Sew Powerful Initiative, I began to understand why helping to cover these costs is so important.

In June/July/early August of 2016, I sent off 24 purses.  Check the blog index under SewPowerful purses for the various entries of these purses in process.

By January 2017 there were another set of purses to ship - this time 13 - to Washington State.  This was the point at which I needed to sponsor Sew Powerful financially as well.  Through Paypay I make an automatic monthly contribution.

This summer I have made the above five purses.  There may be more for the October deadline, but not until I pay some attention to the house and do a quilt for granddaughter Natalie.  While some purses makers are cranking out over 50 purses for this deadline, some of us are doing way fewer.  We each need to be reassured that we do what we can when we can.

Meanwhile, I am happy to be alive.  I am happy that my POEM procedure was successful, and I am very happy that the nerve burning from my shingle episode is quieting down.  I loved baking my grandson a coconut layer cake for his birthday.  I am looking forward to baking bread and a couple of lambs for a farewell party for Julie who is moving out of state.

I want to make a couple of big money decisions about how to further support Sew Powerful.  My buddy Carol has told me about a rock-solid woman in Oak Lawn who is selflessly working on an initiative for the homeless and those in need.  I'd post a link but I'm still investigating.  My point?  So many are in need, and how fortunate are so many of us to be able to help financially.  Happy Monday!

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Jocelyn Thurston said...

I am so happy to hear that your condition is calming and you are feeling better.
Those purses are awesome and I'm sure they will be very appreciated.