Thursday, November 9, 2017

A Travel Agent's T-Shirt Quilt

 Judy is a travel agent who has been collecting t-shirst for quite a while.  Several years ago she talked about wanting a t-shirt quilt.  Last year she sent me an e-mail, just checking in.  This fall her emails took on a serious tone - I could tell she was committed.  She came to the studio with all her t-shirts and a good friend and began to make some basic decisions.  And the above is the result of our collaboration.  The quilt grew bigger and bigger - it is 90" x 108" - and my favorite longarmers, Terri and Frank, did the quilting, quite spectacularly, I must say.  Today I bound it, and Judy will pick it up tomorrow.  My project queue is longer than I'd like it to be, but I bumped this project to the top of the list when Judy told me her daughter expressed doubt whether this quilt would actually get done.  Guess we showed her!

This is a baby quilt in process.  Both John and my sister looked at it and kind of hrumpphed about it not looking like a baby quilt.  But I love this.  I don't know the parents-to-be well, but I can't imagine them being anything less than very happy with this quilt.  As soon as I can clear off the work tables, this is ready for basting.  The backing was made from strips leftover from the front.  These fabrics are all from Zen Chic's Fragile collection.  The white-on-white in the background is a Carolyn Friedlander fabric.  The quilting will be simple and straight.  Quilting a baby quilt is one of my favorite things to do. 

Speaking of baby quilts, my sister wants a Hungry Caterpillar baby quilt and a matching queen-size bedspread.  She's ordered the fabrics, and they are here, neatly stacked and waiting for a cold, snowy January day!

This is the wrong side of the backing.  I'm ready to lay to batting and top on it. 

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