Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Caterpillars, T-Shirts, and Purses

 My sister (yes, the sister who made me pick my funeral song when I was so sick two and a half years ago), has small grandchildren who love the Hungry Caterpillar.  So Paula bought fabric and gave it to me.  Above is a queen-sized quilt (107" x 112") - it's finished.  So is the crib quilt just to the left (30" x 42").  Still in process are two small wall hangings below.  Both will be bound with that wonderful green fabric.  Since I think Paula might have a career as a photo stylist, I'll be happy to show her in situ pictures, but it might not be until March or April.  My long-armers, Terri and Frank, did a fabulous job using a variegated thread and a whimsical pantograph.  What a charming pair of quilts!

Another quilt back from Terri and Frank's long-arm machine is Gwen's T-shirt Quilt.  Years ago, before I started blogging, Gwen asked me to work with her on a surprise t-shirt quilt for her husband Winnie.  We successfully did this, and Gwen was able to totally surprise Winnie on Christmas morning.  Now it's Gwen's turn.  She mailed me her favorite t-shirts and told me she liked purples.  This lovely quilt is 82" x 84" and perfect for a chilly day.  The backing?  I took all my purples - and anything close - and made this backing.  Can you tell that I ran out of fabric and had to do some improv piecing on two of the back blocks?  I love it - hope Gwen does too.  This will go in the mail Friday!

 The project I've been neglecting in my work for  These purses are part of the Menstrual Hygiene Education program and so important for the young girls.  These four have gone in the mail.  Last fall this group collected over 6,000 purses from makers in the States, UK, and New Zealand.  I am so impressed with this number!  Look at the picture below - that is for three purses in process.  There are eleven pattern pieces, and the making requires, in my humble opinion, some skills.  Two years ago I did 24 purses for the deadline.  I'm hoping to surpass that by July.  You know:  busy hands, happy hands.

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