Thursday, January 18, 2018

Perfect Quilting Weather

It's been below freezing with snow and ice and wind chills.  It's January in Chicago.  We work hard to walk, even if it's not outside - the hospital, shopping centers, driving to town (which is 0.5 miles) to walk on the shoveled sidewalks.  Our old stucco bungalow is not well insulated and drafty.  So, working on hand-quilting under a quilt is a perfect way to spend an evening.  This scrappy napping quilt is almost finished - I love using No. 8 Perle cotton and a wool batting - look how gorgeous the texture is.  But now?  I need to find a new project for downstairs since this one is almost completed.

One of my quilting heroines, Chawne Kimber, combines both hand and machine quilting on some of her quilts.  So this Trip Around the World in my favorite Janet Clare fabrics will be my test case.  Most of this has been machine-quilted.  But now I'm moving it to the first floor and will work on this evenings.  There's no deadline for this project and I can sashiko-doodle to my heart's content.

John asks for very little.  But he did request I finish this hand-quilted piece in peppered shot cottons.   I've been dithering about whether to include more stitching in the bottom dark grey portion.  And since I can't decide, I am hanging this and calling it "Unfinished."  Look at the photo below - there is still a needle and thread attached.  Whenever I decide to lay in some more stitches, I can just take it down, work on it, and then put it back up.  This is the third piece in the living room made from shot cottons.  Here are the other two - an elliptical Drunkard's Path and a Glam Clam

The body of this log cabin is complete - right now it's 60" x 80".  When I identify where this quilt will wind up, then I'll put borders on it.  I would love to do a piano key border with the various feature fabrics (lines from Carolyn Friedlander and Zen Chic), but I could also calm it down with a Kona snow all around.

I really don't like when quilters Facebook or Instagram about a project they can't talk about.  And yet that's exactly what I'm doing eight now.  In March I'll be able to do a full blog post about the above.
Last, look at the first quilt in this post.  It's made from the leftovers of the above quilt - I made it for my sister-in-law when she had a double mastectomy last spring.  It was her comfort quilt while she was healing.  Now Pam and Al have hung this quilt in their bedroom, and of course I think it's the loveliest of wall treatment.  The color of their bedroom wall?  So perfect. 

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