Monday, April 2, 2018

Look Who is Home!

Erich at the Sewing Room in Lombard has fixed my mom's Featherweight, the machine that was her wedding present in 1948.  The machine I learned to sew on.  The machine I took to college with me. 
I tripped over the cords in December, and it crashed to the floor, breaking off the bobbin winder among other things.  Because this machine has a cast-iron body, I didn't think it could be fixed.  But Erich?  He did it.  He's been working on my machines since the late 80's.  What a valuable resource he is.  I hereby solemnly swear I will find a better studio location for it!  But getting this machine back, along with the addition of my Brother PQ 1500 means I must get rid of one of my machines.  My Husqvarna Sapphire 830 is officially looking for a new home.  

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