Sunday, April 8, 2018

Spring and Summer Plans: Quilts

There are so many fabrics I want to work with and turn into quilts.   I do think - more than anything - the fabrics determine the design of the quilt.  Like so many quilters, I have a constant love affair with fabrics - and my budget doesn't allow me to keep up with everything that I crush on.  However, a good compromise are the precuts that several companies are doing.  For example, there is a collection, Catnip by Gingiber, that has caught my eye despite the name of this collection.  

Look at these variations on black and white and beige.  I love the variation in scale as well as the designs.  These four charm packs and a jelly roll (42 strips of 2.5" fabrics in the same collection) will make something terrific.
Catnip by Gingiber

Another collection I love is Fragile by Zen Chic.  This collection is mostly black and white with a pop of bright yellow and a touch of turquoise.  I used this collection to make a baby quilt for Cristina's new little nephew Helios - look at it here.  I have already started making blocks.  These to the left are 8.5" x 14.5"  A layout could be subway-tile style or a straight stack. A neutral background could be used sparingly to calm down the bright yellow and dotted prints. 

Fragile by Zen Chic

 The third collection of fabrics is also by Zen Chic, German designer Brigitte Heitland. Obviously, I love her eye for design and scale. This fabric line is Modern Background *Luster* and is one I used for my stepdaughter Julie's guest room quilt - see it in this blog post from last August.  Apparently I am not finished handling these fabrics.  In this line its her tasteful use of both the gold and silver metallics as well as  the white/grey/beige/grey/blacks. 

Modern Backgrounds *Luster* by Zen Chic

There is enough of these peppered shot cottons to make a full-size Trip Around the World. 

These are 9.5" blocks in the wonderful collection Aubade by Janet Clare, another favorite designer.  I fell in love with this collection while I was working on a quilt for Cristina.  These blocks could go onto a white, eggshell, or grey background - see the shelf of neutrals below.

So much pretty fabric.  Can't wait to dive into one of these.  

Stay tuned for Part Two - Spring and Summer Plans:  Bags/Purses

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