Thursday, August 2, 2018

August So Far...

A Sloan Travel bag in process for a friend's mid-August birthday
The Sloan is my favorite travel bag.  Here is mine - well-used and holding up very well.
These 5" charms will also be a Sloan travel bag.  This one has no deadline - I just like touching these fabrics.

Here are the last two "period purses" from July.
And the design wall with the 7 from last winter and the 23 from July. 
Most of the purses are packed away in the duffel.  And now the design wall can feature the twenty 15" scrap blocks that are being hand-quilted.  The ones up are complete and ready for joining. 

1 comment:

Gwen Jobes said...

Hi Donna, it's been a moment but I've been checking out your gallery. I love the key chain designs and that door prize T-shirt bag John requested is awesome!
You've been quite the busy bee. Take care and tell John hello.