Thursday, September 13, 2018

A Gifted Quilt Finally Received

***with sincere apologies to all who are photo-proficient***
Do you know how hard it is to get good shots of full-size quilts?  Trust me - it's hard.  This full-size quilt - 94" by 108"  - is for my niece Molly who lives in Orlando.  The last quilt I made for her was in corals and greens.  While she liked the quilt, I was very unhappy working on it (yes, I know it's not about me, but...).  So the challenge for this quilt was to find fabrics Molly liked that I would be happy working with.  And we finally found this group of batiks.  Molly leads a hectic life - she works full-time and performs with choirs and community theatre.  So her quilt had to be calming.  This big-block design is perfect for her.  

Sarah E of @sparklesaxdesigns, one of my Chicago MQG quilties, did a large stiple that was just perfect for this quilt. Because Molly is in Florida, I batted with with a light Mountain Mist poly batting.
This design left me cold and I realized I needed to spread the blocks out.
Molly's parents, also in Orlando, spent the Labor Day weekend with us. I used Molly's quilt for them in the studio/guestroom. When Chris and Jerry returned to Florida, they took the quilt with them. Molly called. She's pleased. Very pleased. So am I.

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