Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Layers on the Design Wall

What does one do with only one design wall? This quilter just layers quilt over quilt over quilt. This top quilt? It's my current hand project - a UFO I started at Glampalot in 2015. It's my merging of Carolyn Friedlander's needle-turn applicate technique (which I'm pretty hopeless at) on a background of Yoshiko Jinzenji fabric. A few weeks ago I woke up in a panic since my current hand project was completed. The next morning I found this neatly tucked away. Since I began this, I have become more proficient in my version of Sashiko, and I'm loving how this is evolving.
Here's a slightly better picture of this piece.

At the June meeting of my Chicago Modern Quilt Guild, I volunteered to quilt and bind this charity baby string quilt, a project headed by Debbie Pine.  This is a charming scrap quilt with lots of straight-line quilting, and it washed up beautifully.
Over the weekend I decided I had to make a duffel bag from a pattern in one of Sara Lawson's books.  I love these two books - Windy City Bags and Big City Bags - and have made bags from both of them.  But I couldn't find them.  It took some major putting away and straightening up before I found these books.  One of the things I unearthed is a project I started for John's older daughter several years ago.  Why didn't I finished it then?  Who know.  But what I do know is that this Christmas Tree is perfect for Julie for right now.  She's relocated to Atlanta but will be home for the Christmas holidays.  Perhaps this tree will resolve her decorating dilemma.
And finally what's uncovered is my current project.  More about this in a day or two!

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