Thursday, January 31, 2019

Sew Powerful

The SewPowerful purse goal for 2018 was 8,000 purses.  Thanks to the leadership of Jason and Cinnamon Miles and a team of sewists from every continent except Antartica, over 8,000 purses for Menstrual Hygiene Education for Lusaka, Zambia were collected!  The goal for 2019 is even greater.
This means two things.  First I am stepping up my purse commitment.  In November I sent in 34 purses.  Members of this purse-making community are suggesting 4 purses a month.  I started out this month with 4 purses so bright I needed sunglasses to make.
  I'm ending the month with 4 more, all made from a layer cake (10" squares of coordinated fabrics).
This morning I received from Sew Powerful a statement of my giving in 2018.  Here's their blog post about their state of financial affairs, and it's a powerful statement.  Sew Powerful is the "perfect storm" of identifying local needs, financing, education, cooperative work, and international sewists that will impact the future.  So the second thing?  I'm upping my monthly financial commitment and will continue to work on purses. 

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