Monday, February 11, 2019

Quiet winter days

I'm loving the colors and design of this faux-hexie quilt.  It really is all I want to work on.  The row-by-row assembly is the current task.  This project has been my reward for working on another four purses for Sew Powerful.  After doing certain steps with the purses, only then could I work on the above.  Now I can concentrate on just this quilt since I finished these:
At the last Chicago Modern Quilt Guild retreat last fall there was a scrap table.  I usually keep far away since I have so many of my own scraps.  But as I walked by, there was this bit of a wildly-colored fabric.  Seriously, 5" by 20" or so.  I later found out it was from Debi W.  The Sew Powerful nation-wide group I belong to has suggested a challenge of four purses per month.  I'm going to try to 8 a month.  January?  check...  February ...only four more to go.  How about these fabrics?
Of course the striped fabric has to be the front flap!
The Chicago Modern Quilt Guild is participating in Project Night Night.  I spent a fun afternoon with Sarah S at the stash of donated fabrics and made quit kits.  There are 3 Baby Trip Around the World kits and one Fence Rail kit.  I sincerely hope there are guildsters who want to do these.  I like both  patterns and fabrics well enough that I would happily do any of these.  

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