Thursday, February 28, 2019

Post QuiltCon2019: So many things...

 My studio floor very seldom has this much color.  On the left are 6 period purses for Sew Powerful  in process.  On the right is a baby Trip Around the World for Project Night Night, my Chicago Modern Quilt Guild's charity effort. 
This is a baby quilt in process for the project mentioned above, one which supports women with children who are homeless or in crisis.   I used 2.5" strips - this quilt will be 45" x 60", perhaps for an older child.

This rainbow fabric is from the baby quilt above.  Now it is going to be used in SewPowerful purses.  No matter how much I sew, it is just not enough. 

I saw so many fabulous and inspirational quilts in Nashville.  What to work on next?  These fabrics on the left are ones I want to work with.  It's a luxury to have the time to think while I'm wrapping up purses and baby quilts.

I still want to go through the pictures I took  - perhaps a separate post - at QuiltCon 2019.  
I had to put my hands on my Yoshiko Jenzenji fabrics once I got home from Nashville.  I'm not quite sure why.  Yet...

My new bed quilt is back from Long Armer Sarah Evans.  I can't wait to bind it and start using it. 
So many things...

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