Monday, May 13, 2019

All Blogging in a Day

Did you ever read the Ray Bradbury story "All Summer in a Day"?  It's a bittersweet little story about life on a distant planet that has only one afternoon of summer a year and a little girl who misses out on it.  For whatever reason, I've been way more interested in sewing than I have in blogging.  This post is mostly all pictures...just to document what I've been doing in the studio.  It seems my main adventure has now been taken over by hand-quilting, which I only work on at night.  In the studio I feel in love with Interwoven, a pattern by Lo and Behold Stitchery.  It's graphic, bold, and time-consuming - all strips are 1.5".  This is pin-basted and ready for hand-quilting - Baptist Fans will complement the linear dominance nicely, I think.  And check out the leftovers from Interwoven:
Leftovers from Interwoven
I'm not sure what this will be yet.  But it's fun to play around with them?  But I have to do something quick - I miss my design wall. 

Thanks to the wonderful world of social networks, I have some Canadian quilting friends who are participating in the 52 blocks a week Sew-A-Long sponspored by the Canadian Quilters' Association.  Every Tuesday morning, starting the 2nd week of January, a 6.5" block pattern is released.  And so every week I have been making one of these blocks from my scraps.  So far there are 16 weeks.  I'm already thinking that I want to join these blocks with sashing to make a quilt of a usable size.  It's kind of fun to spend 30 minutes a week and see how that time adds up.
7 in April
 And of course Sew Powerful purses.  I took 30 to the International Quilt Festival the end of March,  Those purses went to Paducah for that quilt festival and have since made their way to Washington state.  So I did seven more and sent them in for the May 1 deadline.  And now?  Here are two I've just finished for the November 1 deadline.  And as soon as I finish this post, I will begin more.

Two for May

                      This Noodlehead 3-2-1 Tote called to me, and I made it from an old pair
                      of my jeans.  A bit slouchy-looking but pretty handy. 

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