Friday, May 31, 2019

Third Hand-Quilted Finish of 2019

Who have I become?  After years of begging my mom to do my handwork - hemming and binding - which she always graciously agreed to do because she liked doing handwork, I have become a handwork maniac.  I twitch if I don't have a quilt to hand-quilt in process.  I now plan my hand-quilting by the season.  If it's cold, I'll do a big,heavy quilt.  If it's hot, I'll quilt blocks and then join them together later.  This amuses me.  I good-naturedly would chide guildster Mimi about her hand-quilting years ago, suggesting she'd get done more if she used a machine.  It was Mimi who turned me on to Renate Hiller - and her video -about the importance and nature of handwork.  Watch it here. 

I had a charm pack by Gingerber called Catnip, which actually has nothing to do with cats.  Just lots of black, white, and taupe in interesting designs.  The sashing is my attempt to create a woven look. 

The backing is from two different fabrics that feel good.  And I have finished this just as the weather is really warming up. It is 70" x 88", and I have a friend who is interested in being the caretaker of this beauty.  Finishing a quilt, while a good thing, is always a bit sad.  It's a matter of changing gears and deciding what is next.  I think I know.  But picking it up and actually starting to lay in those wonderful stitches is always a bit daunting. 

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