Sunday, July 7, 2019

What happened to June?

I don't know what happened to June.  All I know is that I'm busy both day and night with my quilting and I'm still dreadfully unhappy politically.  The only solution for me right now is to keep on with Sew Powerful purses. 

 This quilt top - 60 x 80 - is from leftovers of Interwoven, a quilt pattern by Lo and Behold Stitchery.    I like it so much that I dropped the hand quilting on Interwoven to work on this.
I started with an off-center spiral and am happily making my way.  It's backed with a muslin that has a nice feel.

Detail from Interwoven.  
Detail from the back

This quilt top is finally off the floor.  It's a layer cake by Zen Chic, her Modern Luster line.
July is all about Sew Powerful for me.  My goal - a purse a day.  So far I'm on target.  But it's early days.

I'm good through July 6.  Uh oh, it's July 7...  Lucky for me I have more fabric...

This final picture are possibly fabrics for my granddaughter Nikki's quilt. She just graduated from IU and has her first teaching job lined up. What an exciting time of life for her. I need a face-to-face with her to get approval on fabrics and also see if my idea is one that will suit what she wants. It's kind of a view of midtown Manhattan from 34th Street to 110th or so. Still tweaking the details...

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