Sunday, August 2, 2020

Changing Gears

 Rehabbing the broken humerus has allowed me to do some sewing and simple cutting.  This is my quarantine/rehab quilt.Lots of greys and low-volume prints from Cotton + Steel.  Each block has a 2.5” center, and each block is 6.5”.So this quilt will be 60” x72 - perfect size for hand quilting. Below is a quilt top from QuiltCon fabrics (Thanks Melissa, Holly, and Sarah.). It’s for grandson Brandon, and I think I will machine quilt this myself.

 My guild started a bee, and I’m having fun playing.  Each month one of us asks the others to make specific blocks.  To the left are blocks for Adamanadia.  ROYGBIV blocks with cool colors on one side and warm in the other.  below is one 12.5” 24.5 block for Debbie”s co,foul improve eith a slash.  For both of these projects I dipped into my beloved pile of shot cottons.  Both of thee were fun, and I’ll be interested in seeing how these blocks go into their quilt. Guildmate Bill is leading this charge - we even have a hashtag #ChiModBee.  My turn is t for a couple of months.  I’m thinking tuning forks.  

All quilts are lit away.  Shot cottons are back on the shelf. It’s time for purses!

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