Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Five Purple Sister/Purses

                                             Big graphic prints work well for the flaps of these cross-body bags.  And under each flap there's a surprise fabric,  And in each purse there's a surprise pocket.

The past of this process that slows me down are the notecards that go into each purse.  We purse makers hear that the girls treasure these cards as much as the purses and the contents.  That puts a special pressure on the notecards.

So I am working my way through, thanks to some fellow purse makers in the Sew Powerful Facebook page, creating some meaningful cards.  More on that later...


I included this last picture just to give an idea that these purses don't just spring up.  There are a lot of parts, most of which are interfaced.  These truly are a labor of love, and those who make them know their time is well-spent.

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