Sunday, November 15, 2020

From Sad to Happy: Two projects


We know life is about births and deaths.  And we assume a natural order:  people die when they are old. In March an 8-year old died suddenly.
And a family, both immediate and extended grieves.  My friend Cecilia commissioned this quilt for her niece, Maddie's mom.  It is 65" x 75" and made in loving memory.  This pattern is Have a Heart by J. Michelle Watts, available at Etsy.

Because blue hearts are so special to this family and such fabric isn't easy to find., I found a fabric at Spoonflower and had it made.  See the picture below.

There was such an aura of sadness while working on the blue heart.  My niece asked me if I would duplicate the baby quilt I made for my nephew and his wife for her sister-in-law in NYC.  Perfect:  working on a baby quilt and focusing on a new life!  I love this pattern. It's "Get Happy!" by Laura McDowell Hopper, a free pattern at the We All Sew website

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