Thursday, November 19, 2020

An Odd Sort of Panic and New Mantra

When I was teaching I would leave for school early, like 5:30, and then run up to the third floor of Hyde Park HS chanting, "Papers to grade, Papers to grade, I still have more papers to grade."  Recently I have developed a new chant. "Shot Cottons and Wool, Shot Cottons and Wool, I will only quilt with Shot Cottons and Wool."  Actually, I mean peppered shot cottons.  The other night grandson Brandon admitted that he goes into a slight panic when he gets to the end of a binge watch if he doesn't have another watch lined up.  I get it.  That's exactly how I am with hand quilting.  I've been working on hand-quilt ing this piece for Cristina since the beginning of October.  It takes about two months to work my way through a big quilt.  I'm maybe three weeks from completion and already I'm worrying about what to work on next.  

So I've done something with this pile of peppered shot cottons and this backing.  And a roll of wool batting just arrived.  As soon as Cristina's is complete, I'll pin baste this new creation (forgot to take a pic before folding it up...).  Hello, December and January! 

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