Monday, April 19, 2021

Catching up on this, that, and the other

 My tuning fork quilt is coming along nicely with some horizontal quilting and quilting in the bigger forks.  Once it's finished, I plan to face this rather than bind it.  It will be my first time for facing.

In the studio I've been working on bringing things to completion.  This "Get Happy!" quilt for my doctor which has been finished since late March now has a label and is wrapped.  I just need now to get it over to her office.

But mostly the studio has been all about purses - Sew Powerful.  I'm working on a PowerPoint for my guild about the actual construction of these purses and have been doing a lot of photographing for step-outs.

I like to group my purses by straps and flaps.  And then I can fill in the rest - body, lining, and pockets.

Here's are all the parts for five purses.  From the bottom up: lining, front body, and back body,  These purses may only be 7" x 9", but there are several pieces to the pattern, most of which are interfaced.

These purses are based on flaps made from scraps of a project for a guild mate.  Rather than try to organize the leftover strips, I just improved them together.  Along with an orange body, some fun living, and a blue strap, I think these are great.  We pursemakers hear over and over that the girls in Zambia love orange.  

But before mailing, each purse needs a note to the young girl.  In exchange for the purse which contains underwear, reusable pads, and soap, girls pledge to stay in school and do their best.  In addition to hearing that the young ladies love orange, we also hear how much they treasure these cards.  The cards are my least favorite part of the process.  But I'm learning to use graphics and washi tape to make them attractive.  

I'm also learning to keep my messages short and sweet.  All the girls read and speak English, but they do no read cursive.  So this is a task I have to take my time with. 

Since I'm so eager to get this batch posted to Washington state, I'l get them done very soon,

Now I'm getting back to a baby quilt that's in process and solidifying a plan for the youngest grandson's (he's 19 - it'll be his 3rd) quilt.  

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Josie Ray said...

Those are some awesome, very striking purses! Just gorgeous. And the message is beautiful