Sunday, May 2, 2021

An odd week with very little studio sewing

 John was in the hospital for 4 days with internal bleeding,  Our trusty GI's were on the case, gave him blood, cleaned him out, and all is well.  Amazing place - LaGrange Hospital!  and of course this week was all about John rather than the studio.  I've been trying to get to some blocks for a really special baby quilt, and here are the blocks.  Tomorrow I'll play around with layout.  Each block is 14"x18"   I'm thinking I may put each block into an offset square.  But that's for tomorrow. 

During the week I was thankful that I have a to-go quilt kit packed.  I made 35 12" blocks of mostly selvege edges and have each one basted with wool batting and a backing.  So these five blocks are what I did in the hospital.

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