Wednesday, September 8, 2021

And the adventures continue in a new studio!


We have been in our new Oak Brook condo for a week now and are fairly organized.  I actually was able to resume sewing.  While I’m still working on things like lighting and organization, I am very happy with my new space!  I have found all of my important stuff although I’m still looking for homes for some of these things.  

When I needed to photograph quilts, I would pin them on my design wall.  I don’t have a design wall, yet.  But i do have a terrific balcony with John willing to hold the quilt in a pose. (And he’s getting quite adept at hiding his fingers!)  This quilt is for my nephew Nathan who is marrying Clarissa in October.  The wedding is in central Indiana with a lot of unvaccinated people.  So I will send this quilt and hope our absence is forgiven.  My machines are in front of windows that overlook trees.  And today was one of those perfect days with the windows wide open and the air fresh and clear .  I think there are going to be some terrific adventures here!

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